Friday, March 11, 2011

Oh The Convience of Technology

So as I looked at my blog this morning...yeah your right I was looking for some sense of need by seeing if anyone bothered to comment or follow me...Hey! just shut your mouth like you never have those moments of self doubt and hunger for acceptance. Okay back on track, as I was looking at my "dashboard" I discovered how to set up to post through your email...SWEET!
Now I know you are all wondering, and by "you all" I mean you Tiny and maybe if I am lucky the one other person that migh read this, why is this such a jump up and down like you are five and it is Christmas morning moment...duh! this means that while I am at work I can happily blog away and it will look like I am sending out a document that will save the hospital from MRSA disaster! This means while I am sitting at my desk...wishing I was at the the movies...pretty much anywhere but here and I am reflecting on my derby passion, which is most of the time, I am sure one of these day my co-workers are going to demand no more derby speak from me...yep your right that really won't stop me...I can just blog away on my email and click "send" postin it!!! So expect more rambling....MUAHAHAH

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