Sunday, February 27, 2011

Please Make It Stop

So in the last two weeks I have gotten a lot more comfortable on my skates and have found myself more on 8 wheels than on concrete. Now my biggest struggle is the T-stop. It seems to appear so easy when I see others do it, but when I attempt it my ass wants to mate with the ground. So I am challenging myself this week to conquer the T-stop!!!!

So Comes a New Chapter in Life's Saga

I have recently decided to follow a dream I have had since I was a wee girl in the rainy Northwest...join roller derby. Now granted most might think it is redunkulous to do something like this at my age and physical condition...but to them I say so fucking what! Yes I may be approaching 40 in a couple years....and sure I am medically considered obese....but what a better way to relieve the stress of age and loose the blubber that makes my self cringe as I get in the shower every day.
What I ask is wrong with living a dream? No matter what age, is it not your duty to fulfill those dreams and ambitions you had no matter how old you may be? And yes I am not a size 4 but does that mean it is wrong for me to have passion and want to work at something that will shed those added pounds away?
It has only been a couple weeks....and I have been hurting, but I love it and can not wait until I reach the requirement to bout!!! This is going to be  a long hard road ahead of me...let's face it I am coming to the table out of shape and with little ability. But let me tell you I am going to give it my all to rise to be the best ass kicking derby I can be!!! I know that I am going to have to have patience with I tend to push myself beyond my body's strengths then pay the price...and when I feel discouraged I am going to look at what I am doing and what I will accomplish. This is the beginning of something awesome in my life! For the first time in ages I have found something that motivates me and brings for a passion like no other.
So here is where I take my first steps toward being a fit powerhouse on eight wheel!!!!!